My name is Vijay and I am a student of physical culture.


I have endeavored in life to learn what is optimal for body and mind by striving to learn with the best teachers on earth.


I have combined these teaching to make my own, to enhance other peoples’ lives. 


My mentor is world renowned physical culturist Steve Maxwell whom I spent many years from and have been fortunate to be assistant at his certifications and seminars. I am also his student in martial arts having earned a blue belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu from him.


Others I have learnt directly from include:


Dan John (2 times highland games champion, religious studies scholar and strength and conditioning coach)


Bret Contreras PHD (glute training specialist)


Cherie Seeto (Sydney Stretch Therapy)


Dave Wardman (Physical Alchemy)


Dorian Yates (6-times Mr Olympia)


Jom Bing (former world Muay thai Champion)


Andrew Peck (Former K-1 Oceania Champion and All Japan Karate Champion)

Dr Veda Vrata Aalok (Vedic Prana Yoga)


I currently a strength and conditioning coach for Sydney Grammar School.


I am available for private training for members of the Stadium Fitness Centre and other locations in Sydney by arrangement


Outside of physical culture I have an interest in philosophy and was fortunate to spend a year as an intern at the Oxford Centre of Hindu Studies.